04 November 2012


Pencils and some light color adjustments.

24 September 2012

still there

Here are some recent drawings/sketches with more or less digital finishes.
Took some slight images from my mind and let the pencil behind the wheel
with no direct destination.

11 August 2012

TOM3K shirt designs

You can get these exclusive tom3k shirt-designs and more fine graphic wear at www.druckstoff.net !

15 Juli 2012

December 2011 Art

13 Juni 2012


You can now watch the entire film on vimeo!


04 Juni 2012

New Digital Artworks

20 April 2012

Calendar illustrations

These are calendar illustrations for a presentation with the idea of
combining two characteristics/elements from the month
and combine them into the grafic.

27 März 2012

Card Game illustrations

16 März 2012


Two Pencil-drawings with some adjustments from February.

22 Februar 2012

Steel Don't Die-print

Featured in the latest "Steel Don't Die" comic by
MoerserAttack! (released in Oct 2011) in B/W.
The colored version is slightly different because i added these vintage-movie-poster elements.
Limited to 15 prints.

Check out more "Steel" art at the "Moerser" DA-site:

Steel don't die is created by Patrick & Robert Rennwanz and Towlie.