04 November 2015

Steel-samurai Hatt'Zo illustration(s)

Next illustration in 3 versions based on one of the steel-sketches!
Hmmm..let's call them:
-Regular Version
-31st Oct dark-bloody Version
-Amiga 500 pixel Version!
(please don't take this version too serious..
it came along  while working on the other 2 versions..
but why not go Retro pixel...whatever...)

11 Oktober 2015

Steel sketches and extra

referring to


These are the Sketches for the Samurai-Cyborg-themed Steel-illustration!

Regarding an event in about 2 months I looked over the Steel sketches and
I /my inner child couldn’t resist to change that one sketch and turn it into a
fantasy StarWars-character!
(sigh…in remembrance of those childhood days…
some of my very first pop cultural referenced drawings were SW-themed…
and i haven’t seen the movies back then, only ads, posters, toys etc., so
the rest was left to fantasy! It was great!)

11 September 2015

Maxine Manchester Close-Up

Yeah well, in a sense nothing new, but i thought her head (and maybe areas around) might be worth a
closer look!

04 August 2015


The Fly from the DAology illustration!
The main aspects this illustration should show were
Seeing/Grasping – Digital – 1 hundred!
Mixed Media