05 Januar 2017

Little Annie

Wish you all a healthy great new year!
Not great times in general....but maybe little annie will fix her stuff!! ;)
YeAh, i know it' s more of a Halloweeen pic..but
hell yeah..new stuff soon but i kinda like this pic from a little while ago
so why not post it now!


31 August 2016

Zombie Skater

It's about time to post something!! Goddamn...
(really seems time is travelling faster when you're getting older)
so, let's begin with something created for pavel skates when i was still working for a
small studio called nightfall studios!

(from way before there was TWD or all that other stuff ; ) )

04 November 2015

Steel-samurai Hatt'Zo illustration(s)

Next illustration in 3 versions based on one of the steel-sketches!
Hmmm..let's call them:
-Regular Version
-31st Oct dark-bloody Version
-Amiga 500 pixel Version!
(please don't take this version too serious..
it came along  while working on the other 2 versions..
but why not go Retro pixel...whatever...)

11 Oktober 2015

Steel sketches and extra

referring to


These are the Sketches for the Samurai-Cyborg-themed Steel-illustration!

Regarding an event in about 2 months I looked over the Steel sketches and
I /my inner child couldn’t resist to change that one sketch and turn it into a
fantasy StarWars-character!
(sigh…in remembrance of those childhood days…
some of my very first pop cultural referenced drawings were SW-themed…
and i haven’t seen the movies back then, only ads, posters, toys etc., so
the rest was left to fantasy! It was great!)

11 September 2015

Maxine Manchester Close-Up

Yeah well, in a sense nothing new, but i thought her head (and maybe areas around) might be worth a
closer look!

04 August 2015


The Fly from the DAology illustration!
The main aspects this illustration should show were
Seeing/Grasping – Digital – 1 hundred!
Mixed Media

19 Juli 2013

eronoid series 1

Personal works. Mixture of traditional and digital techniques.

07 April 2013


Graphic art for my portfolio 2013.