31 August 2011

Point of View

Scribble-contest-illustration where you were given a random combination of lines. Your challenge was to look at the drawing creatively and find an object or scene within the randomness to bring a whole new meaning to the piece.
Here's the asset-picture with the  lines and their relation to each other that had to be in the drawing:

and here's what your freindly neighborhood Tom3k made out of it!:

there is this circle(point) in the asset-picture and in combination with "create what you see out of the asset-picture" it's kind of a point of view..
Pencilled rough around the asset-picture till I saw the picture/layout what became this finished artwork.
Then some cleaned pencils and a washed-ink-painting
for the body-texture and finally digital inks!

18 August 2011


A new "RAZ0R" illustration.
Kind of inspired by "the girl with the dragon tattoo"-movies,
especially by the Lisbeth-character.
Pencils and inks on a water-color-background with some photograph textures.